My Bloody Valentine Part II

Theatrical poster for the upcoming film.

My Bloody Valentine: Part II (marketed as My Bloody Valentine II Till Death Do We Part) is an upcoming sequel to the original movie. It has been screened for critics. And most of them state the movie has a late 80s feel. As it is set six years after the film.


NOTICE: This plot or summary has spoilers and you should take caution if you haven't seen this movie. NOTICE: This page has information about upcoming information. It may not be true.

The main protagonists from the first film, T.J. and Sarah, are now married, T.J. is mayor and Sarah is the sherrif of Valentine Bluffs. TJ starts to close the mines down finally, and then it seems Harry Warden is back. TJ and Sarah address him as Axel. However, it is revealed, when doing research, Axel moved to Part's Unknown. TJ is then speculated to be the killer after dissapearing from the scene a lot of times when the miner attacks. After many kills, Sarah tries to find some info about possible killers. And T.J. goes out. It is then revealed after some research from Sarah to be a surviving member of the attacks that happened twenty-six years ago. Mike. And, as if on cue, the miner attacks. Sarah manages to pull his mask off, and is not the person she expected it to be. It was T.J.!

T.J. explains that Mike wasn't the main killer, and was in fact his right-hand man. Sarah manages to escape and calls him saying, "The elections for a new mayor are in two hours, remember? I'll be there." and she runs off. With T.J. and Mike chasing her. They throw their pick-axes and Sarah actually catches one, and throws it at Mike, killing him. T.J. picks up the pick-axe and continues to chase her. She makes it, and lures her into the crowd, up onto the stage, yells "here's your second candidate!" and rips T.J.s mask off. T.J. goes insane and kills almost everyone, even the mayor candidate. The police arrive, and T.J. hides. And then shows off behind them and picks them off. Leaving T.J., Sarah and a vote holder alive. T.J. throws the pick-axe at the vote holder, and it goes through him, and also hits Sarah. And they both fall to their deaths. T.J. walks away in victory. However, Sarah gets up and rams the pick-axe in through his heart. Killing him. And Sarah's now lifeless body falls to the floor.


Reception from critic screening's was positive to mixed. Roger Ebert of the Chigaco Sun-Times gave it a 2 out of 4, calling it better than the original, but lacking much.

Logan Herr gave the film 5 out of 5 calling it a very guilty pleasure.